Super Rich 1 is a cross between the well known Suzy Q landrace cultivar and Richness, an incredibly resinous cross of Valentines and OGx.  This sativa dominant hybrid comes with a delightful aroma and mildly sweet flavor, blending earthy pine and honey aromas with subtle notes of lemonwood and citrus.  Super Rich 1 yields beautiful and aromatic flowers hailed for their glorious amounts of resin.  This strain is believed to have great medicinal, pain management, and calming effects, drawing from its strong Cannatonic roots.  The famous Cannatonic phenotype, known as the “CBD Queen” and the strain that started the CBD movement, is highly regarded for its great medicinal value.  

Suzy Q x Richness Genetic Makeup:
Suzy Q
OG Kush
OGx ( Apothecary OG x Prohibition OG)

Total Cannabinoids – 13.72%

CBD – 10.926%